Women Outward Bound

 Fifty years ago, girls were not allowed to participate in the rigorous U.S outward bound wilderness school until 24 women broke that barrier. Find out how one month of surviving in the woods changed them…and history…forever

a documentary by Maxine W. Davis
  Distributed nationally by
American Public Television

Congratulations Jean Replinger!

Yesterday, June 13, Diann Darnell of Women Who Dared from Fairbanks Alaska presented Jean Replinger with the 2018 Women who Dared award for her role in establishing an Outward Bound Program for Women in the BWCA in 1965 and for people with disabilities in 1976. The crown of 90+ people gave her a standing ovation.

At the event there were present  five other women who participated in the inaugural program in the BWCA in 1965 and who are in our documentary. They chatted with everyone  after the screening and shared how the outward bound experience influenced their lives.

"Women Outward Bound" is being broadcasted on Pioneer Public Television on Thursday, June 14 at 8 p.m.

Photo Credit: Pioneer Public Television